In the frame of Videonomad.Harare, which will be held at Njelele Art station from 13-15 October 2016, a 2-day video art workshop will be organised facilitated by following artists:

Simon Gush, Lucia Nhamo and Tobi Ayedadjou.

Date: 13 – 15 October 2016, 10 a.m. – 16 p.m.

Workshop venue: Njelele Art Station, 131 Kaguvi street, Harare.

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Full programme

THURSDAY, 13 October 2016
10am – 1pm

Simon Gush

Essay Film Workshop

The essay film has become an increasingly popular mode of contemporary production, in both the fields film and art. It is a form that defies both the genres of documentary and fiction and thrives at the intersection of the personal, political and historical. The workshop will look at the form of the essay and discuss some of its key attributes such and the relation between text and image.

2pm – 4pm
Tobi Ayedadjou

Shoot and screen

Editing is an important part in the creation of a video but can be an handicap when the main tools (Software, computer etc)  are not available. The workshop will look at the way and techniques to properly shoot the video in order to escape the editing part and be able to use for a video art, video installation or video performance piece.

SATURDAY, 15 October 2016
10am – 1pm
Lucia Nhamo
« Can you taste what I’m saying? » An Alternative Pairing of Sound and Image

Reimagining the soundtrack

5pm – 6pm
Workshop Performance


MerKaBa For The Hoeteps

Join in a meditative journey into Kemetic wisdom to awaken your light beings and reclaim your hoetep powers. In our times of ultra disconnection, ancient African teachings offer guidance to raise our vibrational frequency and tune into our energy source. The spiritual technology of Kemetic Yoga enable us to reconnect, remember and nurture our divine juice.

Kemetic yoga is a decolonial approach to yoga, which bring together physical, political and spiritual awareness. Kemetic yoga is a technology for the African body wellbeing, for a complete understanding of our being’s connection to the forces of nature.Instructions for optimum experience: wear a comfortable power outfit, bring a yoga mat (if you have one) and water to stay hydrated.


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