The project

VIDEONOMAD is an independent and nonprofit project dedicated to video art. It aims to provide a platform for video artists from Africa and its diaspora, as well as artists with African ancestors located anywhere in the world.

Since 2013, VIDEONOMAD organizes an itinerant video art screenings in collaboration with art festivals, biennales, and on public and alternatives spaces.

Our fundamentals objectives are:

  • To establish a dynamic synergy of video artists from across the African continent and its diaspora that enriches the global art scene.
  • To stimulate a discussion around video art as an art medium in Africa.
  • To reach a new audience for video art by conducting projections in public and alternative spaces.
  • To create an active and enduring transboundary space.
  • To build an enduring collaboration between artists and institutions
  • To organize workshops for knowledge exchanging.

Contact us

Email: contact (at) videonomad.global

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